Interactive restaurant technology

Interactive table

Imagine that you gave your order to a waiter; he wrote everything down in a notebook and then had the order mixed up. Further, your complaint was met with a rude response. Such a situation could never occur in your new restaurant due to the interactive tabletop features. This modern multimedia solution enables to select a dish carefully, read the necessary information about it, make an instant order, which is sent directly to the kitchen, change the appearance of the table, watch videos or turn on the online broadcast of the preparation of your meal. In essence, the customer is in a self-service restaurant which significantly reduces the time spent on the processing of an order. Besides, interactive tables also act as a kind of intermediary between customers. For example, you can send a message to the girl you like, share an interesting link or play chess with the man at the next table.


POS-terminal is a hardware-software system for business operations, aimed at optimizing the process and increasing business productivity and performance. The system has a very easy user-friendly touch-interface to facilitate menu searches, receive the necessary information, form create receipts, count change, run various reports. In addition, POS-terminal allows real-time tracking of orders, from the time of their placing to completion, which is the key to fast and high quality customer service. In short, an online restaurant means not only an exciting atmosphere, new opportunities for entertainment and communication for your customers; it is also a unique process control system that can resolve many problems that exist in restaurant business.

Interactive terminal

A menu stand at the entrance to the venue is always a good proposition. It allows customers to see menu what is available and if they have to wait to get a table, also choose the dishes which they intend to order. In an interactive restaurant, thanks to a special terminal, viewing the menu becomes an interesting learning game, rather than boring turning of pages. You can choose meals by categories, flavor and even calorie content with the help of a convenient bright interactive catalog. Besides, you can immediately order any dish with only two touches, and as soon as you get a vacant table you will immediately receive your order, considerably saving time. And if First impressions count then in an interactive restaurant the future meets you at the very door.

Interactive bar

An interactive bar is an entertainment system built into the bar. In essence it is an interactive screen displaying visual effects, the type and intensity of which depend on the presence of objects on the table and human interaction. Glasses, keys, cell phones - all items that you leave on the bar top will create a real spectacle, casting bright lightnings at each other, or with one click, the bar can turn into a night sky, a submarine or a huge piano. Technology will do everything to entertain the client and keep him at the bar as long as possible, and an empty glass in his hand will automatically signal to the barman that he needs a new cocktail.

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Interactive partition

Interactive walls are not just an interior solution. Their translucent surfaces easily turn into personal screens on which visitors can draw, play, view photos, watch videos and favorite movies with a touch. However, whilst having features similar to the interactive walls, the partitions have another unique feature, namely a transparency mode switch which allows guests to create a suitable atmosphere for them - an open and friendly, or intimate and very cozy.

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Interactive floor

An interactive floor is a projection that immediately reacts to movement.  Stepping into the interactive area you can easily bring to life the seemingly static picture: autumn leaves will scatter under your feet, flower petals will fall off, and moving on the water surface of the interactive floor you will quickly scare off all the fish. In a format such as a nightclub, it is difficult to imagine a more impressive technology. And what about a game of interactive soccer with friends or painting bright graffiti on the floor created by your dance moves? And just think about advertising opportunities: the company logo, its products images, video entertainment displayed on the floor – all this moves, plays with the guests, surprises, entertains - and is memorable. The main purpose of the interactive floor is to keep spirits up. And within a few minutes. And it achieves it successfully.

Interactive wall

An interactive wall is a projection system that is able to change quickly the interior of the restaurant, depending on the event and even the time of the day. Further, the visitors themselves will be the ones who will make these changes. Themes that are displayed on the interactive walls interact with guests directly and react immediately to the lightest touch, presenting limitless possibilities for entertainment. These include group games, online travel guides with city maps, and images of the cooking process of the dish that has just been ordered, etc. The interactive wall attracts particulars interest among children who want to play while parents discuss their important business over dinner.

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