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Wall-to-Wall Interactive Surfaces

An interactive wall surface is an alluring, state-of-the-art projection system that can not only transform your entire interior space, but also bring the unmistakable “WOW” factor to your restaurant space. And your guests will have the unique opportunity to individually contribute their own design elements in a truly interactive environment! Themes and elements on display interact with guests directly and react immediately to the lightest touch, presenting near limitless possibilities for exciting, interactive entertainment and an absolutely unique dining experience!

Interactive Floors

An interactive floor is a projection system that immediately reacts to movement. Stepping into this interactive space brings vivid life and motion to any seemingly static presentation. Autumn leaves suddenly scatter under your feet, flower petals fall around your ankles, and “walking across the water” surface of your interactive floor will send schools of fish slipping away from your guest’s toes! And what about a game of interactive soccer with friends or perhaps a night of painting “dance floor graffiti”? Just imagine the advertising opportunities: the company logo, its product images, video entertainment displayed literally at your guest’s feet…and for their entertainment!

Interactive Windowpanes

IRT technology can also transform any glass windows into interactive projection surfaces displaying pictures, videos and movies but that’s not all. Thanks to the sensors placed outside any building, interactive windows can “play” with any street or sidewalk scene, reacting to the movements and attention of the local crowd. Anyone can program interactive windows to change colors, display messages, tell jokes or even take “selfies” with fun photo effects. This is the sidewalk “showstopper” that can really draw crowds to the doors!

Interactive Terminals

A traditional menu stand at the entrance is always a safe bet. Of course it allows potential customers to see what’s available on the menu, the evening specials, as well as perhaps even giving them a vague idea regarding waiting times. In an interactive restaurant, thanks to a special guest terminal, viewing the menu becomes a fun, playful, irresistiblegame that encourages potential customers to come “play” just by being there! Guests can view and choose meals with the help of an attractively bright interactive menu that’s suddenly fun to use. And new guests can immediately order any dish with only two quick touches then your staff will immediately receive the order, saving considerable time before their table becomes available. If first impressions count for anything, then in the interactive restaurant the future meets guests at the front door!

Interactive Facades

Thanks to the latest technological achievements, now there’s the opportunity to revamp the entire façade of any building and transform it into a mammoth, attention-grabbing video wall that pulls customer eyes from every direction! Made from state-of-the-art lighting elements and connected to your own internal content delivery system, an interactive façade can promote any space with unprecedented power and reach. A specifically designed interactive façade is simply the most powerful traffic generator available anywhere today.

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